Everything's Alive Talk

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Learning How to Learn - Part II

Continuing the discussion, Murry Christensen talks about the different methods of learning and how they apply to the workplace of the 21st Century.

Learning How to Learn - Part 1

Learning how to Learn is a provocative take on how one learns and the disconnect many people have regarding the value of degrees in determining the success one will have in the workplace.

The Corporate/Public Education Divide - Part 1

Self directed learning is the new mantra as the Top Down Model begins to die off. Also, as seen by this video, one learns the difference between corporate education and public is truly profound. See why in this informative segment from Everything's Alive.

Everything's Alive - The Interactive World

The first "real" segment of the EA discussion has arrived. Murry explains in full why Everything's Alive.

Everything's Alive/The Discussion Begins

A brief discussion as to why Everything's Alive is eloquently explained by Murry Christensen. There is no doubt things will be radically different from now on as we move further into the 21st Century.

Everything is Alive

The intro video is up on You Tube where two of the three players in this blog talk about tech, education and society. It actually appears that we know what we are talking about. :)